Friday, March 22, 2013

{ spring purse }

I LOVE purses! Yep! I have a million. Every time I bring another purse home (usually from a yard sale) Buck says, "don't you have enough purses"? To which I answer...NO! A girl can never have enough purses, it's not possible. I could easily ask him the same question about ropes..."Don't you have enough ropes in your rope can"? Anyway, we (us girls) need different purses to go with different outfits, different occasions and changing seasons. I said all that to say, I've been really wanting a new spring purse. Even though we've had over 6 inches of snow the past week and it's been in the low 30's.....I still feel the need to bring out a spring purse. I think it might help force spring along a's hoping. I haven't been to town in a while so I turned to my craft stash to see if I could make a purse. This is what I came up with. This is my lacey  frilly, girly, spring purse.
I used the scraps I had left over from my curtains for the base. Just regular old canvas drop cloth. It's one of my new loves. You get a TON of drop cloth for $20. So far I've used it for curtains, pillows and purses!

After I made a square base for the purse with drop cloth, I just went around and around and around the purse with some of my favorite lace and material. Then I sewed an old sheet together for the handles. (another great reason to stock up on .50 sheets at yard sales!)

Spring is in the air now...I can feel it! Kinda....Excuse me....I have to go put on a sweater now. Maybe spring will come tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{ basement }

We have been working very hard the last 6 months to finish our basement. At first, when we started finishing it, it was just to finish the rooms downstairs for Audette and Mayce so Jillian could have one of their rooms upstairs and my scraproom could go in the other room upstairs. Now, finishing the basement has became a necessity, since learning we would need both rooms downstairs and upstairs!!! No grandma says after 3 kids it doesn't matter any just make it work! We only have #4 on the way, but that baby needs a room! Let the shuffling begin...again.
We've lived in this awesome house my dad built for us 4 years now. It feels really good to bring the basement up to speed with the rest of the house. We still have a few things left to do, but were really close. We need to put up the trim and two more lights. Then...were done!!! Here is a look at what we do have done so far.

This is Audette's room. She loves purple, if you couldn't tell. I'm NOT a purple fan so we comprised with neutral walls and added some green and yellow in the mix. It turned out really cute.

This is Mayce Belle's room. Mayce LOVES pink and blue. But, not just pink and blue, BRIGHT pink and blue. So...again a little compromise. We did neutral walls and touches of the bright colors! It looks great and she LOVES it! For both the girl' closets we decided against bi-fold doors and went with curtains. Makes it a little shabbier!

This is the laundry room. We still have to hook up the sink and hang shelves.

My old and future scraproom. My scraproom was here and we moved upstairs into the other bedroom......but now it's coming back down.

The living room... from a few different angles. 
This is the angle from the scraproom / laundryroom.

 The angle from the back door.

The angle from Mayce's room. 

The angle from the stairs. 

Well, there you have it. The basement tour is complete. We will take more photos when we finish trim and lights!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{ Shooting }

A couple weeks ago Buck took the girls to an archery shoot at a local hunting shop. The girls have been wanting their own bow to start practicing daddy caved and brought them home a bow. They have been practicing quite a bit and are getting pretty good at it. 

 Audette's Bullseye!

 Mayce's very close bullseye!

Jillian just loves to be outside watching them!

Monday, March 11, 2013

{ look who's walking }

Miss Jillian has been trying to figure out how to walk for a few days now and today it clicked! Look out world here she comes!

Monday, March 4, 2013

{ jill's one year photos }

My friend Jessie @ August Light Photography does amazing work! She's a photo wizard  She came over this week to take one year photos of Jillian and I LOVE them! Here's just a few of my favorites.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

{ junk and disorderly }

The Prairie Sisters and I are Stevensville today for the Junk and Disorderly show. Here's a few of the things we brought down!