Friday, November 30, 2012

{ Jillian's New Room }

Well, we have been remodeling and shuffling everything around for weeks. We are finally almost done. I thought I'd share some pictures with you today of Jillian's new room. She has Audette's old room.
Can I tell you something that makes me very HAPPY... we did Jillian's whole room for under $100. Almost everything for Jillian's room I've been collecting over the past year from yard sales, second hand stores and flea markets. It's easier and cheaper if you have the time to collect what you need over a period of 6 months to a year. Then you aren't rushing out to buy everything you need at full price.

The first thing we did was paint. The walls were purple, so it took 3 coats of cream to cover up the old color. I also did a lot of touch up on the trim and windows. We've already lived in our house for almost 4 years, so there were quite a few things that needed redone.

Jillian's theme is a vintage nursery rhymes.

Here is her dresser area. The dresser was given to us. I already had these shelves on hand from old room set ups. And everything else on the shelves have been from yard sales and such: the vintage cloth nursery rhyme books, the piggy banks, lamps, toy bucket, clock, binki holder and the old radio. I painted old frames blue and places nursery rhymes from old books in them.

This is her crib area. The crib was also given to us by friends. I found this large oval frame in the middle at Michael's this summer for $2 and filled it with different colors of chipboard letter J's. The other oval frames were from a yard sale. I cut out crowns on my cricut to put in the middle of those. Her beautiful shabby rose quilt was made by a friend of mine, Timi. She is an amazing seamstress and I LOVE this quilt. I  found the sheets, mattress pad and skirt at YS and second hand stores. I crocheted the rug this summer from old sheets.

 This a a view of above her closet. Renee made all these frames for Jillian  They were a decoration at her baby shower. So was this cute bunting  and rosette.

This is her changing table area. I found this changing able at a YS for $5 and painted it. Also the night stand was $2 at a YS and was painted. Her Pom Pom balls are made from old sewing patterns. I put a light in this old lamp shade, added lace and jewels and made here a little Chandelier. And these baskets are the ones I found at the dollar store right before she was born. Here curtains are all floral sheets I've been collecting the last couple years. I sewed 2 sheets together for this curtain and used rods and hardware again from a YS.

This her reading and toy area. I've had this cool book holder from pottery barn for years. Baskets are from the dollar store. Laundry basket, bookcase, book holder, chair are all from YS and flea markets.
The alphabet sign I made a few years ago for the other girls and had been saving it fore Jillian.

 This table is in the middle of her room. It's a vintage nursery rhyme table from a YS.

 Here is the star of here room...JILLIAN. She LOVES her room. She will play in here sometimes for a hour all by herself! (not in here crib...on the floor. I don't want you to think I keep her caged!)

 And this is a view of her other window. Also the floral sheets sewn together. This window took 4 sheets. This chair we have had since we got married. We actually got it from Buck's grandparents. I just covered it with a chenille bed spread from a flea market! We (Jillian and I) hope you enjoyed this nursery tour!  I hope you see how you can make a room look AMAZING with very little $$$! Come back soon for more room make overs!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

{ give thanks}

Today I'm thankful for my handsome, awesome husband and my 3 gorgeous, smart girls. I'm thankful for family, friends our health and home. I'm thankful for life. Today I'm also so thankful for my DAD. I am missing him like crazy still. It was exactly 1 year ago today we found out he had cancer. I'm not going to lie I spent all day yesterday crying my eyes out and missing him. Wishing he was here still. It's not he same without him. And yet I am incredibly thankful that I had the most Amazing dad for 33 years! I wouldn't trade him for anything. Even though I'm missing him SO MUCH today I can still say God is so GOOD and I'm incredibly thankful for all the amazing gifts he gives us everyday. Thank you God for loving us and blessing us!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

{ leg warmers }

I made the cutest leg warmers today for the cutest baby ever. These leg warmers were made out of dollar store socks! So easy. These work for a very big age range. 3 months to 3 or 4 years old. (see...cutest baby ever)

To make these leg warmers you need knee high socks. Our dollar store has a lot of them.  Just cut the socks off right above the heel.

 After you cut the sock at the heel give the bottom of the leg warmer where you cut, a couple pulls. This will curl the material up and keep it from fraying (no hemming). That's it! YEP! It's that easy.

 And...the bonus is you can also use the bottom foot of the sock

 Cut the heel and the toe off. Then cut a small notch out of the top side. You now have finger-less gloves!

 Audette and Mayce are so happy I made these gloves. They wore them ALL day.
Now, run or drive to the dollar store and get yourself some socks!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

{ display }

I love to collect. One of the things I've collected the last few years is old games. I use the boards for projects but I also save all the little pieces. I recently put all of the white, black, cream and brown games pieces in jars to display on a table. I love looking at it. It's something different and fun.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

{ prairie sisters painting the town }

Well, not literally...but we had the a TON of fun decorating 100 feet of the old Missoula Merc (Macy's) building for Mountain Home Montana to advertise for their festival of the trees.

 Mountain Home is a great organization that help teen moms and their babies get the best start they can have in life! You can read all about  Mountain Home Montana here.

The photos in the windows are all Mountain Home Moms and their babies. The pictures are beautiful!

 We did the window prairie sisters style. Very vintage and shabby!

 My partners in crime and decorating... Molly, Connie, 


Renee and


I hope if you live in Missoula you get a chance to look at the window and come to all the Festival of the Trees Festivities! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

{ halloween cuties }

Here are some halloween photos! This one makes me laugh! Right to Left, this is waylon, jillian and josie! These are jillian's friends, but they didn't want to take a picture with her!

 Then, we have our cutie patooties! Audette was a tiger, Jillian was a butterfly and Mayce was a cheetah!

The best part of these halloween costumes was the price! We found Audette's and Mayce's costumes at a yard sale last month for .50 each and Jillian's was given to us with a lot of other clothes when she was born!!!

 SO CUTE!!! I love these faces!

Silly face time!

Jillian's first trick or treating with daddy!