Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{ fun with chalk }

It's no secret around here how much I LOVE chalk paint! These are my newest chalk paint projects....

I snagged 2 cardboard drink holders from my sisters wedding last month and spray painted them blue. Then I added a chalk paint on the front. Now, I have this cute holder for condiments, napkins, straws, plastic ware, etc. I LOVE them and I can label them!!! I'm also slightly obsessed with labeling things. 

Speaking of labeling...I also made these cute chalk clips today. I saw a version of these clips for sale the other day and thought to my self ** I think I can make those** and so I did. These are just little cardboard pieces with chalk paint on them and I attached them to a cloths pin so I can clip them to almost anything and label it!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

{ weekend recap }

We are back from Junk Fest! ( see photos at the bottom)We had a good time. WE don't go away for the weekend very often. It's pretty hard to get someone to come and take of our little farm. The weekend was honestly bittersweet...We did well at the show and enjoyed getting out of dodge, letting someone else cook and clean for us!!! But, Saturday was my birthday and Sunday was fathers day and I missed my dad more this weekend than anything. All I did was cry. I've never not had a dad on my birthday or fathers day before. My mom called to tell me happy birthday and how proud she and my dad are of me. She said I was born on a Saturday night before fathers day and that I was my dad's best fathers day present! I was incredibly happy and sad at the same time. I needed to hear her say all of that, And, cry about it. The tears always bring a little more healing. I miss my dad. The longer he gone, the more I miss him. We lost my dad 4 months ago but, we also got this little bundle of joy. I adore her. She is just about the cutest thing ever...along with my other two cutest girls ever! The last 4 months have been quite a roller coaster. Highs and lows. Hopefully we can even out soon. 
 Our little Jillian, 4 months old

My Junk Fest Booth 
 Alicia, Jillian and I at Alicia's booth

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{ show sneak peeks }

I'm headed to JUNK FEST in Bozeman this weekend. Can't wait. 
Here's a sneak peek at a few things I'm bringing!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

{ Pintrest }

I know I've said it before, but here it goes again! I LOVE PINTREST!!!! If you haven't joined pintrest yet, your missing out. They have the coolest ideas for just about anything and everything. Here are a few of my latest favs. Once you come over you will never go back*wink*.

Chicken stuffed with spinach, ricotta, tomatoes and basil. YUM!

 This bathroom vanity is so pretty and shabby.

A fish birthday party idea

Need this for summer chores

Create these cute pom pom flower clips

Sheep cupcakes, so cute!

Egg, button art

Great frame display

Easy decorating to-do with old pallets

Fun ways to wrap birthday presents.