Sunday, October 30, 2011

{ the girls }

GIRLY GIRL Update: We just finished up another soccer season! The girls did great, they always do.  Their Daddy is an AWESOME coach! Here is individual photos and team photos. They are the 2011 Lone Rock Wolf Pups! The kids named themselves, if you couldn't tell.

The Girls also did some goose hunting with their daddy in our back yard this month! Buck shot 4 geese, Brian shot 2. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

{ am I the only one }

Am I the only one who thinks this book is, well, you know, perhaps......a.little over the top, out there, far fetched??? I'm curious to know if anyone has bought this book??? If any one who bought this book, used this book??? Am I the only one who laughed out loud hysterically when I read the title of this book??? I know your asking this a real book.....yes, yes it is!

Friday, October 21, 2011

{ re-purpose }

I'm all about reducing, reusing, recycling and re-purposing! Last time I was in Spokane I saw this idea. Turning a feed sack into a reusable shopping bag! We have lots of feed bags, so this was easy! 

All I did was cut off the top and bottom of the bag a bit to make it a more reasonable sized shopping bag.
Then with my sewing machine, I sewed the bottom shut. I also sewed the top down and to the inside, so I would have a nice clean edge!
But......The bag wasn't "girly enough! So, I added this burlap ruffle (also sewn) and burlap rose!!!

 Here is my reusable shopping bag! Using what I already had!!!

Here's 1 more re-purposed item, I painted these two old serving trays from yard sales with chalk paint and turned them into signage for the coffee cart!

 What could you reuse or re-purpose today?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{ best friend }

This is my current best friend at 23 weeks of pregnancy!!! I am living on TUMS let me tell you! This is the worst heartburn I have ever had!!! And, it doesn't matter what I eat......this morning I had a banana... heartburn..... yogurt....heartburn......ham sandwich .......heartburn, you get the idea!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

{ nursery }

I 've been brain storming about miss baby cakes nursery. I wasn't sure what theme I wanted to use until I found a few treasures at a yard sales the last couple of weekends! I found some vintage fabric, old nursery rhyme books and old cloth books and decided miss baby cakes nursery will be a vintage nursery rhyme theme!

I'm to use this fabric to cover this old high chair. I found this high chair last year at a yard sale for $2. I'm going to put iron-on vinyl  onto the fabric before I recover the chair and then it will be wipe-able! I'll show you when I'm done.

This is a project I just finished for her room. I painted these old gold frames pink and added scrapbook paper, nursery rhyme pages and modge podge to make something very cute!!!

 That's what I have so far, I'd love to hear your ideas if you have any!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

{ addiction }

My newest addiction.....PINTREST! This is a website where you can look at other peoples ideas or post your own! You can find it here At pintrest you can find thousands of ideas for anything you like to do, crafts, food, decorating.....the list goes on! It's SO addicting! I LOVE it!!! Here's a few of my  Favorite "pins" from the last few days!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

{ fall decorating #4 and WINNER }

I've been working on my front porch this week. I LOVE making the entrance to our home warm and inviting. Also I LOVE doing it for almost no money. Here's how you can make your front door/porch look *fallicious* without spending a ton of $$$!

I cut my "rose hips" off my bushes, since it's the end of roses for this year and used them in all my flower pots. ( If you don't have roses try your cities community gardens. At the end of the season they will generally let you cut the flowers or rose hips.)The orange color looks great!!! I also printed these little signs at home and put contact paper on them to protect from the weather. $ free from my yard and house

 I used one of our "R's" from inside the house to put on my wreath stand and blue ladder. Also we picked the last of the corn and pulled the corn stalks for decoration.( If you don't have corn stalks, try a near by farm or neighbor. If they won't be using them you could offer to cut them down for them. save then some time and get your free stalks.) I tied them together with a ribbon from my craft stash.  $ all free from my house and garden

This "give thanks" banner I printed out from online here. The only cost for that is the obvious paper and ink! After I printed the banner, I sewed it together. You could just as easily tape it together. Also the leaf garland hanging up was from last year. I bought 2 packages of silk leaves from the dollar store and sewed them into a garland. See it here. (I save the "savable" fall decor in a rubbermaid bin downstairs year to I don't have to spend much in the season....same as you would christmas) And, I already showed you the wreath I made this year from dollar store leaves! $ most free from my house, wreath on door $ 6.50

I added the rose hips from my rose bush to my old water can too. $free from my house and garden

I bought two pumpkins from the farmers market last weekend for Audette and Mayce to decorate. $2 each. Here's my "sneaky mom trick"  I buy cooking pumpkins, not carving pumpkins. Then I give my girls permanent markers not knives. Then after halloween, I cook the pumpkins down and use then to bake with. It's a 2 for 1. This pumpkin is Audette's. ( If you see the girls, you'll have to tell them how SCARY their pumpkins are. They think they made them REALLY scary.) $ 4

 Here is Mayce's pumpkin! There's a monster face in there somewhere!

I also used my easel from in the house and one of my many chalkboards to write happy fall! $ free from my house There you have it. YOU can decorate for fall with out paying A LOT of money. 

 That was outside, here is a little more of what I did inside. I cut burlap runners for my table and counter top from a large piece of burlap I bought at a yard sale this summer for $.50. I added my glass candy jars from here, filled with candy, my old scale, fresh fruit basket and fake dollar store pumpkin. Have fun using what you have!!!

You can find my last years fall decor ideas at these places...

And now the winner of the aqua frame.......JESS from Nesting Corral! Congratulations!!!! I'll get this to you this week!!!