Thursday, May 26, 2011

{ new additions }

These cute little guys (and girls) our the newest additions to our family! Our little mama hen has 8 chicks. They are ADORABLE! Our little mama hen teaches the chicks everything. We don't have to keep them on lights or clean their's awesome! It's so fun to just watch and let her do all the work. This is the easiest way by far to raise baby chicks. Here they are drinking water. I think it's stinkin' cute!

Monday, May 23, 2011

{ weekend project }

We have several projects on the list right now, but this was BY FAR the biggest of them all. We layed sod in the back and side yard this weekend. Turns out Buck over estimated how much sod we needed. Over estimating turned into a good thing. We were just going to lay sod in the back yard for now, but ended up having enough to also do the front yard! Instant lawn! After 2 1/2 years of just dirt it's SO NICE to have a lawn!!! Now we have lots of flower beds to work on as soon as the fence is done. MORE WORK! Buck and I feel a little old today. It took us all week to hand rake and haul off rock from out 5000 sq ft of lawn area and then once it was rock free, we scooped up and hauled enough manure to cover the 5000 sq ft before we layed the sod.....then layed the sod! Every muscle in our bodies aches! We agreed though that the aches and pains are well worth it! Now....on to the front yard tonight!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

{ Maggie pie }

This is Maggie or mag pie. She has grow A LOT since I last showed you a  picture of her in February!She is now 5 months old and weighs a whopping 29 pounds! She's still in her "puppy stage" of chewing on EVERYTHING! WE do love her in spite of the things she has ruined. (She tests that love daily) Marley LOVES having someone to play with! Mag pie is also just as obsessed with fetch as Marley is. Maggie also LOVES to steal the girls shoes when they are on the trampoline! Even though she's pure trouble, she's a keeper!

Monday, May 16, 2011

{ under 40 }

I've a few Walmart "incident" stories but this might take the cake.

I was recently shopping at Wally World and bought a bottle of cooking wine. I had several other items in my cart . I put all the items on the check stand and then  put the cooking wine on last. The "cashier" who checked me out was a little on the crabby side. She didn't smile at me or say hello. I had questions about a couple items I had bought and she grumbled answers back at me. I could tell she was having a bad day. When the grouchy checker got to the wine she said in a very crabby voice  "I need to see your ID". I said back to her in a very cheerful voice "Oh wow, that's a compliment!" She said in her very crabby voice "Well, you do look under 40!" At that point I started gasping for air! I wanted to fly over the check stand and tackle her, I really wanted to lay hands on her in the name of Jesus!!!! Who says that!!!!!!????? She could have just let me think it was a compliment!  Really??? Really??? Wow! So much for customer service! Yes, after the initial shock wore off I did PRAY for her. Her day must have been very bad! You can still be nice to people even when your having bad day thought!? Right? Well....Here's to looking under 40!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

{ happy mother's day }

I LOVE being a MOM. I wouldn't trade it for anything! My girl's are so amazingly wonderful. They teach me a little about life everyday. I LOVE them more than ANYTHING!!! They are smart, funny and beautiful! They brought me home handmade presents from school yesterday that made me cry, they pick me "weed flowers" and "help" clean the house. They "help" in the Kitchen (even though when they are done I have an even bigger mess to clean up), They give me endless amounts of LOVE, most days...... ..........but,
...... can I just be honest for a minute and say that along with the GOOD days there are also really CRAZY days. Crazy days that make me want to lock myself in the bathroom with a pot of coffee and crafting magazines and NEVER come out!  ( I totally, 100%, understand why my mom used to lock herself in the bathroom now!) I've had a few of those days this week, so this picture made me laugh out loud!

 And this photo is how I feel on most of the other days!!!

I know I'm not the only MOM who feels this way and yet somehow, miraculously, even after the bad and crazy days I still would'nt trade being Audette and Mayce's MOM for anything! 

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my MOM for putting up with all the good and crazy days we gave her!!! I love you MOM! P.S. ( you can come out of the bathroom now, the coast is clear!)

Happy Mother's Day to all My MOM friends and family!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

{ red neck moment }

Here is the latest photo in Buck's Red Neck Moment Series. If you have a squeamish stomach....don't look at the next photo! You were warned! Let's see, Clear tape, bandages and super glue.........what do you think Buck is doing with these????

Buck is having me tape and super glue his head while he holds it together. Yes, he should have had stitches, but since we don't have insurance........Nurse Jami used what he told her to and did what he told her to! 
Buck was pounding posts when this happened. I wasn't home at the time, he's lucky he didn't pass out!
I'm happy to give my nurses report........... his head is healing nicely and there's no infection! He will however have a large X shaped scar on top of his head! Adds Character, Right!?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{ easter recap }

Easter recap! We had 2 days of easter festivities, which the girls gladly accepted! We went to an egg hunt with several friends on Saturday and then to my Parents on Sunday! This post is long....just to warn you........mostly pics thought! This first pic is my nephew Conner. These are the sunglasses we bought him for easter. He happily modeled them for us! What a cool DUDE!

Conner is a very happy baby and he loves his papa!

 Miss Mayce. This is the egg hunt at my friend Ann's house on Saturday.

Miss Audette at Saturdays egg hunt. 

 Dying eggs for Sunday! They are quite the artists!

Audette, Mayce and myself. Looking very easterish!

The girls and their Handsome Daddy!


Half Smile!

Egg hunting at Nana's 

Cooper was so funny on Sunday, He wanted to eat every single egg he picked up! God love him.....Every egg went in his mouth, no matter what his parents said!

He was sure the plastic must be yummy too! 

No, grass does not taste good with the eggs! 

The cutest Cowboy EVER!!!

Mayce ......Hoarding her treasure!

Audette.......counting her loot! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

{ planting }

OK....try this pictures didn't come up the first time!

Saturday we worked outside spraying weeds and planting our new fruit trees. We have 10 acres and absolutely no trees. So, we went to Costco the other day and made our first investment in trees. We now own 7 fruit trees. 3 apple, 2 cherry and 2 apricot. Buck's back is VERY Tired! Thanks honey!