Saturday, April 30, 2011

{ display }

Here is a fun way I've been displaying my girl's art work. I have several old shutters, I've used them for many things over the years. The other day I thought to myself "Self, I wonder if a clothes pin would clip to the old shutter and hold paper?" Me, myself and I tested it and low and behold, it works beautifully. So, now when the girls bring their work home, it gets clipped to the shutter and it's on display for all to see!

Monday, April 18, 2011

{ love you mayce }

I found what I thought was one of the cutest notes EVER in my shoe hanger this week. It made me SMILE! This is a note Mayce wrote on St. Patrick's day. Obviously I haven't put these white flip flops on in a while....since I just found this note. The note says LOVE YOU LEPRECHAUN.

Mayce learned about "leprechauns" at school and came home telling us that the little green men mess up your shoes and take them away if you don't leave them nice notes. So Miss Mayce, not wanting any of her shoes to get messed up or go missing, decided to write nice notes to the leprechaun. I knew she had done this on her own....she had written notes for herself and her sister on St Pat's day, but I did't know she had also wrote one for me. How sweet of my baby....she knows I LOVE my shoes! And, lucky for us, thanks to Mayce, none of our shoes went missing! LOVE YOU MAYCE!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

{ scrap camp projects #3 }

Here's some layouts from scrapcamp....the pic's are NOT that great, sorry. You get the general idea!  I need to find a free scan and stitch program......anyone know of one???? 

Friday, April 1, 2011

{ scrap camp projects #2 }

This is a little keepsake box I made for Miss Audette this last weekend at FABULOUS scrapcamp!
I made Mayce one last year. So now both girls have one. This little box holds their birth info, first diaper size and their first shoes. I still need to put their Binky's in.

Audette's: Top View

Audette's and Mayce's: Top view

 Mayce's: Top view

Mayce's: Inside

  Mayce's: Side view

Audette's : Side view
 Audette's : Inside view