Sunday, March 27, 2011

{ scrap camp projects #1 }

I'm back from SCRAPCAMP! It was SO FUN! ( like it's ever not fun!*wink*) I needed a creative weekend really bad. Believe it or not I haven't scraped for myself or my family for a couple months now......which is a LONG time for me! 
This is the one and only photo we took at camp.....bad scrapbooker, bad scrapbooker. Actually it's more like............... "what happens at scrapcamp, stays at scrapcamp!"
This is Janet, Trish, Renee and I. We shared a table space.....Erin and Breann also shared our table space, but left before the photo opp! Look closely and you will see the bags under our eyes from VERY, VERY LITTLE sleep. We LOVE scrapping to much to sleep! It also didn't help that we drank WAY TO much coffee.....wait, never mind......I'm not sure what that means .... there is no such thing!

This is the first project I wanted to show you. It's a 7 gypsies collage frame. I filled it with family photos and memorabilia!....... not to mention, glitter, buttons, punches, flowers and words! I hung it up in the living room. It looks great on the old door.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

{ Organizing }

This last month I've been on a spring cleaning kick. I'm not sure what it is about the weather changing, the robins singing, the grass growing and the days getting longer that makes me want to clean and organize my house, but every year it does! I've been concentrating this week on my kitchen drawers. I decided to use kitchen "ware" to organize the drawers....I'll show you......

*I used an old cake pan to hold jar lids.
*A mixing bowl to hold cookie cutters.
*Mini bunt pans to hold things like clothes pins, chalk, candles, tags for jars.

This WAS a junk, it very NEATLY holds everything in it's perfect place with silver ware organizers and mini bunt pans! Notice I'm NOT showing you *before* photos.......I'm embarrassed to you show what it looked like before. You just get to see the PRETTY after photos!!!

Yet ANOTHER junk drawer turned to the NEAT side! This is now the battery and all chargers drawer!

3 drawers down......20 more to go!!! Here I go with my spring cleaning enthusiasm!!! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{ spring scene }

This is the newest use for the dollar store apothecary jars. You can find instructions for the jars here. 
I filled these jars with the fabric flowers I've been making and "sparkly" birds from christmas clearance. I added the silver tray again and some mini fake eggs! I think this center piece might actually lure spring in...let's cross our fingers!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


 I made these Sweet Pork Tacos with Cilantro Lime Slaw for dinner tonight and they were SO YUMMY! I HIGHLY recommended these to you!!! You will not be disappointed. You can find the full recipe here, on Make it and Love it.  I have friends who are not fans of cilantro...don't worry you can just leave that part out! It's still sooooo yummy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{ fancy }

YES, I like fancy things! I always have. You show me something plain and I will make it FANCY! Lucky for my husband..... I'm also very thrifty! So, my fanciness doesn't usually cost him a lot of money! 

I'd been wanting a new wallet for awhile, my current one is on it's last leg. All the wallets I'd been finding were a little out of my price range. Then, when I was at Goodwill last week I found this plain black wallet, brand new from target.(had the tags on still) It was $2.99! What a steal. So, I snagged it, brought it home and made it *FANCY*.

First I hot glued ruffled lace to the top of the wallet.
Then I made these little black flowers out of old pjs I had in my fabric pile.

I added pearls to the middle of the flowers, you know for fanciness....

Then I hot glued the flowers to the wallet. 
And...........drum roll please...........My new FANCY wallet! under $5!