Sunday, January 30, 2011

{ red neck moment }

Everyone probably knows by now that we have chickens. We call them the "divas". They are spoiled chickens really. The person who fought me the most on getting them (buck) spoils them the most! Last month he came in from getting eggs and started yelling at me to get the camera. This is what he wanted me to take a picture of "Monmouth Egg". The egg so BIG it looks like it could be a dinosaur egg! It was double the size of a "large egg". We couldn't even keep it in the carton because the lid wouldn't close.

Addy was eating yogurt when buck brought the egg in and the egg was almost as tall as this 8oz yogurt. SO crazy. I personally feel sorry for the diva that laid this egg! My money was on it being a triple was only a double. This is yet another Red Neck Moment brought to you by the "divas" and Buck.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{ conner }

This is Mr. Conner, my adorable nephew( my mom is holding him)! We don't get to see him much, becauce we live an hour and a half away.  He grows so FAST! This was almost 2 weeks ago. He is 6 weeks in this picture. I can't believe the chubs he's getting! He looks more like his very handsome older brother cooper everyday! What a cutie pie! I love you sweet CONNER!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

{ chandelier }

I found this candle chandelier at a yard sale last summer for $5. I originally bought it for the front porch, but I decided the other day to put it in my scraproom/studio. I hung it up for a couple days then decided it needed to be "jamified" as Buck calls it! 

I added crystals to the bottom of all the candle cups and I added crystals to swirls at the top. I draped 2 layers of pearl stands all the way around also.

Sorry, these pics are NOT very good. I don't have the best camera and the light downstairs is NOT good. I think you get the general idea though!  

and before my grandma yells at me for having lit candles in the candle holders so close to ceiling.......I have to tell you they are electronic candles NOT real ones grandma. I am being safe, I promise!

Friday, January 21, 2011

{ nesting }

You should check out my friend Jessica's new blog The Nesting Corral. She has some awesome ideas for your home, kitchen and studio! She is an amazing mom of 4 and our pastors wife!!! We love her and her blog! Your doing awesome Jess, keep it up!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{ bar stools }

Here's a project I've been working on...updating our barstools.

First, I tore apart the old ones. These were barstools I collected at yard sales last year. I paid $10 for all 4. I wanted to take the fabric off and put something on the stools that could be wiped off easily when mess get made, which is every single day!!! So, this is what I came up with. First I stripped the stools down to their particle board face.
sanded the top smooth. 
I  repainted the legs white and painted the top of the stools black.
 Then, I cut out white cardstock circles and black numbers, 1-4.
 Then modge podged the cardstock on to the stool. (Modge podge is AWESOME and CHEAP)
 Modge podge the numbers on the stools.
Then, I  sprayed a clear coat sealer on the tops. 
Now, I have cute barstools that can easily be wiped off when my girly girls make messes!

Friday, January 14, 2011

{ Flower Tutorials } I've had some questions on how I make fabric flowers, like the ones I've been adding to the girls clothes and headbands! There are lots of tutorials out there, which is AWESOME! Here are a couple of my favorite links for learning to fabric and paper flowers! HAVE FUN!

this link is paper flowers

this link is over 30 fabric flowers!!!

My  favorite place to buy flowers (silk) is the dollar store! You have to be a little choosy....but I usually find a few cute bunches that are great for craft projects.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{ shirt fix-up's }

I've been working on adding fun embellishments to the girl's plain t-shirts and jackets! 



Crochet and tulle flower

Pin cushion flowers w/ velvet buttons

Felt flowers, brown leather buttons and stitching

Pincushion and t-shirt flower with blue pearl button

Pincushion flowers w/ blue vintage buttons

Fabric scrap flower w/ leather buttons and ricrack

Saturday, January 8, 2011

{ coffee filter wreath }

I made a coffee filter wreath the other day......I know it sounds strange, but  take a look and tell me what you think! I think it looks like flowers!!! I picked up the brand new wreath form at the second hand store for $.50. The coffee filters from Costco, $2.99 ( i only used half the package) and these floral picks from Wal-mart $2 (i only used half of the package) SO now i have a beautiful winter wreath for only $3!!! 
This wreath would be pretty spray painted too!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{ learning to read and write }

Audette is in 1st grade now. She has learned to read and write this year. She loves to write things like letters, notes and calendars.  This is a note I found in her bedroom last month. The note is about the beads on the paper. It says:

gren (green) 2
red 1
aol (all) of the kulrs (colors) mac (make) 5
I love you. Addy
yelw (yellow) 2

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she is sounding out the words and spelling to the best of her ability! This is something I will always keep! I love you sweet girl!