Monday, October 3, 2011

{ fall decorating #3 and GIVE-a-WAY }

* I've changed the give a way drawing to better enter, I know you want that cute frame!!! see give a way post from Wednesday...just scroll down.*

Day 3 of fall fun! Here are 2 wreaths I made this year, both VERY INEXPENSIVE and beautiful!

This one is felt flowers on a straw wreath base. Felt is so CHEAP. Each felt sheet was only $.30. I've made 2 of these wreaths so far with the felt I bought and still have enough to do a couple more. My friend Jen from H is for Hillman and I made the first one together.....and then I couldn't stand it any more I HAD to make another one! (Jen, I still think you should over after your move and we'll make another!!!) 
Wreath form: yard sale    $.25
material: yard sale           $ .50
 felt:                                 $ .90
total: $1.65

Then the second wreath I made, I used a wire wreath form and leaves from the dollar store! These leaves are cut from create not weather proof. I have this on my front door, but our porch is covered so it's safe. These leaves are also wired so I just wrapped each leaf around the form one at a time and them added this celebrate sign from the Michael's dollar section!

wreath form: yard sale   $.50
leaves: dollar store         $5.00
sign: Micheal's               $1.00
Total $6.50

Don't forget to enter my cute fall frame give-a-way from last week! Scroll down to Wednesday's post to read about it or click here. belly photos! I'm 21 weeks this week. Over half way. This little girl is SO ACTIVE! I'm not very big yet, at least compared to my other pregnancies. I've gained 11 pounds so far. Yeah! I've been very careful to not over eat with my prego card.....I don't want a ton to loose after the baby! I learned that lesson the hard way. I've been feeling the baby move for about 6 weeks now, but finally buck and the girls can feel her too, they love it! And I have to say God is so good to us and totally provides. We have been given so many clothes and most of the baby furniture! It's awesome! We already LOVE this little girl SO MUCH!!!


Yakos Corral said...

I love your cute baby belly!