Friday, December 31, 2010

{ a new year }

Happy New Year! 
May your year be filled with joy and peace!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{ miss audette }

Our little miss audette lost her first tooth last week. The tooth fairy was good to her! She found $1 under her pillow. She was a little nervous to let the tooth fairy have her tooth, but we convinced her the money was worth it!

Monday, December 27, 2010

{ red neck moment }

Today's post will be brought to by Buck's Redneck Moments! Well..... I'm not sure if this is redneck or just buck being buck! Our friends found this picture of him in their photos and thought I needed a copy! I agree!!! This is buck in college 11-12 years ago? He had a lot of hair!!! I can't decide if I like the hair or the floral shirt more??? It's OK honey........your still really manly to me! I LOVE YOU!

Friday, December 24, 2010

{ Merry CHRISTmas }

Merry CHRISTmas! 
From our family to yours! 
May your holidays be Merry and Bright!
The Rodolph's 
Buck, Jami, Audette and Mayce

Thursday, December 23, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have # 8 }

"DIY Cheap Chic Christmas #8"

Plastic bag bows for wrapping presents. Click on the picture below to enlarge and read the step by step picture instructions. Easy, fun and cheap!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have # 7 }

"DIY Cheap Chic Christmas #7"

The front porch area:
I dressed this space with the leftover greens from our christmas tree, the yard sale ladder ($1) (sprayed blue), The yard sale deer ($1 each, I think I might be the queen of getting things for $1 or maybe it's my gift from the good Lord!) *wink*  ( I added the bows and the hohoho sign to their necks ) and a wreath from Joann's clearance section. Attached to wreath are dollar store snow flakes. I also hung up my chalk board from in the house. This chalk board was an old *UGLY* painting I bought at a yard sale this summer for $1, because I liked the frame. When I brought it home I decided to paint over it with chalk paint and *ta-da* I have a really cute chalk board now!  Total for this project $7! 


 Think about the things you already have in your house, see if  you could use them in a different way today! Example: #1 I've used the ladder as a display for the greens (my kitchen step stool) I also used the ladder in my fall display. #2 The chalk board, I use this in my house as a memo board. I brought it out and wrote a christmas message for guests. #3 The wrought iron wreath holder works well inside or outside. It could also hold plants, towels or purses.

What could you use differently today?

Monday, December 20, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have # 6 }

"DIY Cheap Chic Christmas #6"

Here's a wreath I added to our back door. This is a tinsel wreath. I actually bought it this way. But you could but a wreath form and wrap it with $1 tinsel roll from Wal-mart! I found this tinsel wreath at a yard sale this summer for .25cents. It still had the target tag on it! *SCORE* I added an ornament from the tree to the middle of the wreath and added more dollar store bell garland to the door frame.
total for this chic project is $1.25!

P.S. I also bought this door wreath hanger at the dollar store!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have # 5 }

"DIY Chic Cheap Christmas" project #5

This is project I already had most of the supplies for. It's really more of a fix -up what I had project.

This is an old candle holder that looks like a tree. I took the candles off and spray painted the base silver.
I wrapped the "tree" with a clearance garland from Wal-mart, $.50 and hung ornaments I already had on it.
I think it's very festive. Total for this project, .50 cents, since I already had every thing else on hand!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have # 4 }


I am in LOVE with these cute, sparkley, vintage sheet music trees! I can't stop starring at them on my table!
Here's what you will need to create these BEAUTIFUL trees:
 Styrofoam cones, I bought these from a yard sale this summer $1.25 for all 4. (they were still in there plastic wrap)*score* *wink* (you could also use cardstock/paper and shape in into a cone)  Old sheet music, also from yard sales, usually I don't pay more than $1 per book. Glitter, of course. I already had that on hand. A star punch or you can free hand  stars. Then, different size bases...I used old candle holders.

I did each tree a little different. The first tree is circles cut in half and glued on all the way around then cone.
The second tree is paper pieces I wadded up and glued on until all the empty spaces were filled. The third tree is long strips of paper with slits cut in it and wrapped all the way around the tree. The forth tree is just long strips of paper glued on in straight lines. I covered each paper star with glitter and glued it on top. I also did different patterns of glitter on each tree! SO PRETTY! Then, to vary the heights I attached the trees to different give eye appeal. 

We ate dinner last night with our trees on the table and candles lit all around them, it was SO beautiful. The girls want to eat like that every night!
So, total for this project, $2.25! (when you count I already had thee bases and glitter on hand)

Friday, December 17, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have # 3 }

"DIY Chic Cheap Christmas" project # 3 

Homemade apothecary jars. I LOVE  apothecary jars, but not the price. These jars can range anywhere from $10 to $40 each depending on the size. I found this tutorial online last month on how to make your own... Here's the link if you want to read the full tutorial. This is the short version of how make them. Most of the supplies for these jars came from the dollar store. LOVE the dollar store! These jars are made from, vases, bowls, glass drawer pulls and candle sticks! The are held together by a basic glass glue from Walmart.

3 vases            $3
3 glass knobs   $3
3 glass bowls   $1
2 candle sticks $2
Glue                 $3

TOTAL  $12 For 3 apothecary jars!

Vases, bowls and candle sticks are from the dollar store, knobs and glue are from  walmart!
These are adorable filled with almost anything. After christmas, these are going in my bathroom. I'm going to put cotton balls, Q-tips and misc bathroom supplies in them! 2 CHEERS FOR DOUBLE USAGE!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have #2 }

Here's #2 in our "DIY Chic Cheap Christmas" series.

This is the top of our TV cabinet. I always have the white containers on top of the cabinet, but for Christmas I added .25 cent "picks" from Michaels and Joann's in green, pink and silver. I also added some large silver ornaments that were on clearance for .25 cents. The pipe cleaner trees are from Walmart for .25 cents. Last, (you can only see part of it) I hung a silver garland up in the back and added dollar store snow flakes to it.(disclaimer: some of these items I bought on clearance last year the day after christmas and saved them)
So, our total for this "DIY Chic Cheap Christmas" project is $10.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{christmas DIY with what you have #1 }

For the next few days I'm going to show you some christmas projects I've been working on. Like so many other people right now, our budget is a  little tight... so I've been working on being "SUPER" creative with what I already have or can get on the CHEAP! I hope these posts give you some inspiration on making your home beautiful for the holidays without spending a ton of cash!

I stuck a vinyl  phrase on to our living room mirror. "may your days be merry and bright". You could put a vinyl phrase anywhere, bathrooms, bedrooms, entryways. Vinyl is great because you peel and stick...then when you want to remove it, you heat it up with blow dryer and put it back on it's sheet and you can use it again. I got this vinyl phrase on sale for $5. You can buy these phrases ready to go at Joann's, Michaels or Target. You can also buy your own vinyl and cut it out if you own or have access to a cricut or silhouette machine.

Next I added a silver bell garland I found at the dollar store. ( I LOVE our dollar store)

There you have it...our first "DIY Chic Cheap Christmas" project  for $6.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{ wedding }

I have been SO busy planning a WEDDING! Not mine, of course. Some close family friends hired me a couple months ago to plan their wedding. Well, the wedding was yesterday and everything turned out great! The ceremony and the reception were beautiful! I was given A LOT of compliments at the wedding......makes a girl feel good! My head might need popped later! *wink* Here's a few pictures I took. These pictures ARE NOT very good.......sorry,  my camera doesn't do well in low lit areas. The photographer at the wedding took pictures for me too and I will post those when they come in! (remember...if you want to see any of these pictures "bigger" you can click on them)

 This was one of the center pieces on the cake table.

The ceiling at the reception

The chandelier in the middle of the room.

The center pieces for the main tables.

Tissue paper flowers, painted gold and red paper banner

the arch.

a close up of the has mistle toe on it.

A mirror with shoe polish, spelling out their new name.

The head table.

Bridesmaid Bouquets.

A center piece from the head table. The jar is filled with gold Christmas ornaments.

The dance floor.

The brides bouquet

Guest Book Tree. The guests wrote their names and well wishes on a card and hung it on the tree.

The Tree close up.

One of Four floral arrangements lining the dance floor.

More mistle toe hung around the dance floor.

The toss bouquet.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

{ baby love }

This is baby Jenkins. He is the newest member to our family. My brother Travis and wife Amber had baby J this morning at 3am! The girls and I visited this afternoon and we are in LOVE!!! He is perfect in every way. An Amazing Blessing! Baby J does not have a name yet....because his parents are choosing between 3 still! What a beautiful baby! We love you baby J!