Sunday, October 24, 2010

{ dollar store finds into fall decor }

I wanted to share with you  my latest finds on my last trip to the dollar store and how I transformed them into my fabulous fall decor! Here's a picture of the items I picked up at the dollar store last week. Carvable pumpkins and gourds, bags of silk leaves, bags of fall colored jewels and acorns, and crepe paper. The ribbon in photo I picked up at Safeway on the clearance shelf for $1.50. What a bargain!

Here we go.....This project is a fall banner to hang in your house! Here's a PEEK at the beautiful end result!

The first thing I wanted to show you is what I did with the crepe paper...

I love using crepe paper in my projects. One of my favorite things to do with it is.... sew and ruffle it! In this little group of pictures (click on the image to make it bigger at any time) I will show you how I gather the crepe paper to make it ruffled. First, I measure where I'm going to use the crepe paper and double that length. The length I needed was 10 feet, so that's what I will be using as an example! OK.....! So....I need my end result crepe paper to 10 feet that means for the project I'm going to double it and make it 20 feet, and you need 2 pieces of it. So now you should have in your hot little hands 2 -20 foot lengths of crepe paper. Match up the ends and sew them together right down the middle with a straight stitch and no tension (take your tension knob and turn it down to zero). DO NOT back stitch at time during this sewing project or you won't be able to pull the thread threw! Also leave a tail of thread at either end of your project.
Once you have sewn your two 20 foot lengths together, take the bottom thread from your project (either end is fine) and hold it tight in your hand. With your other hand begin pulling lightly downward on the crepe paper to start the ruffling process. This is a great project to do while watching TV! It does take a little time, but it's worth it! The more you pull down and gather the crepe paper the thicker the ruffle and vice versa, the less you pull down on the paper the flatter your ruffle will be! Keep pulling down adjusting the ruffle thickness all the way to other end. You now have a ruffled crepe paper garland!

The second thing I like to do with crepe paper is .......Fringe it! For this crepe paper project you can measure your actual length. I need 10 feet again, and on this project we need the paper to be 3 thick. So measure out 3- 10 foot lengths.

Stack all three on top of each other and sew down the middle again. This time with normal tension, but still a straight stitch. Sew down the entire length of the paper. When your done, it's time to cut it. I think the easiest way to cut it, is to fold it several times (see picture). Start by folding the crepe paper in half length wise. The fold it in half again and again and again until you have about a 1 foot chunk in front of you. Use a close-pin on to hold you folds in place and begin cutting into paper on either side. Make little short slits. (be careful not to cut into the thread of your banner. your banner will be cut apart. listen to the voice of experience. *wink*)
After you cut all the way down the length, use your fingers to start separating the cuts and ruffle up your paper. Then take your close pin off and stretch out you fringed paper streamer!

Next, is the leaf garland. At the dollar store I picked up these packages of silk leaves. Each package has 150 leaves in it. The leaves are paper thin, so they are easy to work with. If you can't find this type of leaf you could also buy the bunches of leaves on steams and take them off the steam....just a thought! For this garland I dumped my leaves into a big pile next to my sewing machine and just began feeding them through the machine on a straight stitch, one at a time, randomly. No particular order. I used two packages of leaves for this garland! It's really long!

The "happy fall" chipboard banner. This banner is made of stuff I had on hand. I bet you have most of this stuff at your house too!

First I started with chipboard triangles. You can cut these with with shaped scissors or a straight edge. (I used shaped) If you don't have chip board you can easily use empty cereal boxes! I've done this many times! My Chipboard triangles measure 6" at the top and are 8" long. Next I cut out 3" scalloped circles from old sheet music, and 4" circles from an orange patterned piece of scrapbook paper. How many circles and chipboard triangles you need depends on what your spelling out. I used 10. I spelled out happy fall plus had a space between the letters, which equals 10. At this point I inked all the edges of my 3' and 4" circles and triangles with black ink. I think it gives the project more depth , but it's totally optional. I used pop glue dots to add the circles to the chipboard. It gives it more dimension. Again optional. (If you don't have pop glue dots you could always use something like a milk cap to raise up your circles. You would just need probably a hot glue gun to assemble the milk cap to the chipboard.) After I had the circles on, I gathered up random fonts of chipboard letter to spell out happy fall. (you could also use stickers or print letters from the computer) All the letters weren't the same color, but I wanted them to be. So, I sanded down the one's with color till I got down to the original chipboard color. I put all the letters on newspaper and spray painted them with an aqua color. You could also use acrylic paints for this. When the letters were dry I hot glued them to the triangles. Then I layed out my triangles in order and placed them so they were in a 10 foot length. I measured my ribbon out to be 20 feet so I could ruffle it. I started at one end and hot glued the ribbon to the tops of the chipboard triangles, ruffling and gluing, ruffling and gluing , ruffling and gluing all the way down to the other end. And.......for the finishing touch I punched a hole in the bottom of each triangle and attached a fall colored jewel (the ones from the dollar store) with wire through the punched hole. And, it is finished!!!!!

I hung up my crepe paper and leaf garlands on the wall first then added my fall banner!

These are dollar store carvable pumpkins all "falled up".
To make these pumpkins, I glittered them with Martha Stewart's extra fine glitter. Then I glued scrabble letters (yard sale find) silk leaves, acorn beads, ribbon and sheet music scallops to the tops!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

{ fall decor for church }

My very nice friends, Jess and Kylie read my post about decorating for fall and thought I should do a little decorating at church too! Here's some photos of what I did at church last week.

At the front door I did 4 sets of corn stalks tied with ribbon. The pumpkins are tied with ribbon and tags (they say harvest time).

Pumpkin topiaries!!! I'm not going to lie, these were a challenge! It's hard to get three 10 pound pumpkins to stay stalked on top of each other! I ended up cutting the tops and bottoms off of the pumpkins to make them flush with each other and Josh bought some huge nail spikes, that we drove though the layers to make it more stable. Next year I'm using fake pumpkins!!!

I made 3 leaf wreaths (say that 5 times fast) for the front doors, with leaves from brain and Renee's and wreaths forms from the dollar store.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

{ happy birthday to my man }

You are the BEST dad and husband ever! We LOVE you so much!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{ how to make a kids scarf from a t-shirt }

and here is the lovely model wearing the scarf. you could add all kinds of things to these scarfs. Ribbon, ruffles, buttons, flowers........the possibilities are endless! send me a picture if you make one!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

{ fun & inexpensive ways to decorate for a party }

Fun and inexpensive ways to decorate for a party!

These are photos from my Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins 60th Anniversary party this summer! I helped with some of the decorations and here's what I came up with. 

*A mirror painted with chalk paint to write messages on
*Old ladder painted blue to hold tins
*Old fluted bunt tins to hold papers for family to write notes to gram and pop.

*I also used my old "granny cart" that I painted pink to hold cards and presents. I used clothes pins to attach a pillow case to the inside of the cart.

 * Here I took an old screen still in the frame and stapled wire across the front to create a place for clothes pins to hang. Then family members clipped their pictures to the wire.
* Here is a banner (around the tent) that's made from cutting scrapbook paper into triangles and sewing the pieces together.
I hope this gives you some ideas of how decorate for a party on a small budget!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

{ check this out }

Today I'm guest blogging over at One She, Two She.....go here to check it out. ....or here.......

Here's what I'm making over at one she two she.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

{ Fair Photos }

 I was looking through and editing fair photos today and though I would share some.

The girls had their faces painted!


They loved the rides of course!!!

We watched my brother Dustin at the Bull O Rama. He won 2nd place in the long round! ( he's so cute) *wink*

The animals are always a FAVORITE! A very nice 4-H girl let my girls go in her hog pen, they LOVED petting the hogs "princess Layla" and "Luke sky walker".
 This is a mammoth JACK! He was soooo SWEET!

 Baby pigs, that of course the girls wanted to bring home!!! what's one more animal ...........right????

Saturday, October 2, 2010

{ guest blogging }

Today I'm guest blogging over at one she two she......go here to check it out!
I'm sharing some ideas on using old window frames to decorate. see you there!