Monday, July 26, 2010

{ yard sale find and robots }

Here is a yard sale find from last month! Buck thought I was crazy for bringing these my defence he thinks that about everything I bring home! These shelves were $1 each. They were in need of washing, paint and some screws. I used the gallon of paint I bought at home resource ( like a second hand store, but for building materials) for $2 and purchased 12 screws for $1 at the hardware store! So far ...I'm up to $5 for the 2 metal shelves.

Here is the use I found for the first one. (haven't put the second to use yet) I put this shelf in my scrap room to hold all of my material. And while I was loading up the shelf with material, I decided to organize it by color. I've been organizing a lot of our stuff by color and I'm loving it! It's beautiful and LOOKS so organized. (Some of the things I have organized by color now, my closet, the girl's closets, my jewelry, all of my scrapbooking supplies. next is buck's closet.......only if he doesn't read this!!!!!)


The girl's and I made robots last week. I was reading the newest issues of better homes and gardens scrapbook magazine, and they had a really cute article about making robots with left over packaging and scrapbook supplies. so here's our version.

Here is all the packaging we used.

The girl's chose how they wanted the robots to layout and I hot glued them together. Then we painted them with milk paint. After they were dry, the girl's decorated them with buttons, fabric, beads and pipecleaners.

I would like to introduce you to Henry and Rosa! A & M are very proud of these robots. They have been dancing and playing with them. I think Henry and Rosa also got married last week!

(ROSA) This is mayce's. I don't think you can see it, but Rosa has glasses, jewelry, pink hair and a lovely skirt! (You can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger)

(HENRY)  This is Audette's. He has a very fine taupe and bowtie!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{ in 3D }

going to the movies is a BIG treat for my girls, because we NEVER take them. They have been to the movies 2x and that's because Nana took them! well, one of the last Field trip's Addy class took was to the movies and we watched to how to train your dragon in 3D!!! We had so much fun!  this was the first time we had seen anything in 3D. I LOVED seeing the girls in their "top gun" 80's glasses! the movie was really good. you should see it when you get the chance!

here is Addy and her friend Cole.

mayce and sofia

mayce and I


Addy (she is actually not mad or sad....she was eating popcorn)

the girls standing with the shrek poster!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

{ fix it up }

I wanted to show you this dated metal TV tray....... turned cute and functional magnetic memo board for the wall! i found this METAL (It has to be metal for the magnets to stick) TV tray at a yard sale last month for 50 cents. I painted the tray with krylon spray paint aqua (one of my favorite colors) and turned some old jewelry from yard sales into magnets! this aqua beauty is going to be really handy to have!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{ pretty }

i recently took this pretty plate of flower pins to a local store in town, long horn trading. karen is nice enough to let me sell a few hand made things in her store! i think the pins are sooo pretty! looking at them makes me smile! these flowers have little clips on the back, so you can attach them to anything......your purse, a scarf, a shirt, a coat, a hat, a necklace....the possibilities are endless!