Monday, June 28, 2010

{ farm chicks }

here's a few photos of Renee and I's trip to farm chicks in Spokane! this years show was June 5th and 6th. the show was packed! way more people than last year. so much so, we felt a little overwhelmed. we still had a really great time and found some treasures, you just had to push through a few more people!!!
this is the line to get in and we were an hour early. by the time the show started this line was 10x as long!

waiting in line! ready to shop.......

Renee and I always feel so at home at the farm chicks show! It just feels like we are with "our people". What I mean by that is every one there shares our love of vintage, antique/ junque style!!!! I could actually just live in the booths, if they would let me!

here's a few of my favorite should check out their blogs!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

{ new additions }

we added to our farm 2 weekends ago.......we are now the pound owners of 10 little chickens. They are the "divas".....there is brittney spears, beyonce, mariah carrie, carrie underwood, shakira, pink, taylor swift, katie perry, rihanna and mary j. we thought we had all hens, but this weekend brittney started now, I think we have a michael jackson! The divas (and m.j.'s) main job is going to be eating grasshoppers. hopefully with the diva's (and m.j.) around, my garden will survive this year!!!!! I also can't wait till they start laying eggs! the chickens are very friendly. they follow us around the yard all day! buck made them a very nice home complete with nesting boxes (thanks honey). the girls are loving the chickens. even marley doesn't mind them!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{ 31 candles }

it's my birthday, it's my birthday, it's my birthday.....(yes, i am rapping and dancing to that tune,and yes it's scary!) today is my 31st birthday! honestly, so far the 30's are great! i'm not walking with a cane or talking to my doctor about hip replacement surgery yet, soooo that's GOOD! i'm happy, healthy and loving life! i love my little family and our little piece of ranch life! 30's used to seem so old to me. but, now that i'm's not even a drop in the bucket! sometimes i feel like life is just beginning. .........(it sounds like i'm giving myself a pep talk, so i'm going to stop)hhhmmmmmm........well, here's to my knee's and hips lasting other 31 years!!! happy birthday to me!

Monday, June 14, 2010

{ a & m with marley }

ok.....i'm not normally a person who takes photos of their pets........i would rather take pictures of people, but the girls and marley were sooooo cute together the other day i had to snap some! marley is a great dog. he loves everyone and lets the girls do anything to him! the girls LOVE him!

Monday, June 7, 2010

{ goggle girl }

mayce has been wanting goggles for awhile other day, we found some at the dollar store. we purchased them and she couldn't wait to wear them......i let her try them on in the car and before i knew it, she was asleep with them on. It just so happens i had my camera with me in the car so, i pulled over and took a few pics!!!! i couldn't stop laughing.....she looked so funny and cute!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{ yard sale find }

here is last weekeends SUPER yard sale find! This little end table was $4 and the spray paint was .25  a for $4.50 and 1 hour of my time, i got this.......................

...................ADORABLE end table for our living room!