Friday, February 26, 2010

I Love my new blog header..........My friend Renee from Pink Owl made it for me!!!! Thanks Renee! I even figured out how to put it on! A miracle, since I am soooo not computer savvy!

Well, I'm off to scrap camp for the weekend! I'm very excited! My honey has the girls and I'm gone for a couple days! It's always fun to have some girl, coffee and scrapbook time! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{ thrifty finds }

Well, I think everyone knows by now that I LOVE a GOOD DEAL! I thought I would share a few of my recent thrifty clothes finds!!!
I don't really like to wear shorts in the I tend to buy skirts and Capri’s....I've been looking for some thrifty skirt deals to "stock up" for summer and I found these two skirts at Wal-Mart on the clearance rack for $1 each! Yes, they are way to big! they are a size 16! But, totally easy fix! Take in the sides with my trusty sewing machine and .....tadaaaa..... I have a size.....well, my size skirt!
I don't know if you know this but Goodwill carries Target clearance, so once a month or so I stop in and check out the Target section. It's all brand new with the tags on still. I found this skirt last's wrinkled because I already washed it and I haven’t ironed it yet well, because you know.....the iron incident! anyway........ this shirt was only $4.99! I love it! It's shabby, like me!
The green sweater was on the Wal-Mart clearance rack for $3 and this cream sweater was in the Goodwill/Target section for $2.49 both were a little two big, so.....I took them in on the sides. Huuummmmmm.....I think they match my Wal-mart skirts! bonus.

This a funky dress that I got for free, sometimes thrift store's have free racks. I always check them. Yes, there is some cheesy stuff on them ....but sometimes you can find cute things too! I don't like this as a dress, it fit's weird, but I love the color and the material. So.......I’m going to cut it off and make it a skirt. I'll post a picture next week when I’m done transforming it.
This is a Michael Kors shirt I got a T.J.Max for $5. The only thing I don't like about it is the gold buttons, I'm not really a gold person.......but it's totally easy and cheap to change out the buttons.
This is the price tag! I love getting 90% off!
and finally...... this a a black sweater that was at walmart for $3! I'm going to add some ruffles to it next week and I'll post the pic's later!!!
so......That's 4 shirts and 4 skirts for the price tag of......$20.49!  Yes, there will be a cost of some buttons and thread, but I already have both of those coming out of my ears here at home ......have you seen my scrap room???

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

{ valentines gift....gone very wrong.....}

Have you ever had one of those great gift ideas for someone.........your really excited about it....and then it goes wrong.....all wrong......terribly wrong......?
I had one of those days on Valentines Day. I had been thinking for awhile about what I should get Buck.....we were not going to spend a lot of money so.......what would I get or make him? I got an idea...... (lightbulb) He loves the Atlanta Falcons! It's been his favorite sports team since he was 10. Every time there's a game on TV he wants to know if I've got my falcons underwear on???? HE thinks if we all wear the gear including underwear, it gives his team an advantage.....go with me here.....It's him not ME! I decided Falcons underwear would be a great gift! I could wear them a few times a year and make my honey feel better about this team! Well, Online the underwear sell for Like $20! There's no way I'm spending $20 on underwear! So.......I thought to myself, WWMSD what would martha stewart do? Got IT!!! I can buy underwear at Wal-Mart and use my inkjet iron on transfers sheets to make falcons underwear at home! I went to the store last week and bought underwear, then I found some quality clipart online of the falcons logo, I printed it on to transfer paper, cut it out very carefully and began ironing................when I picked up the iron after 90 seconds, according to the package directions........I saw before string cheese, well, not really........but that's what black melted underwear look like. (incase you've never seen melted black underwear before!) I have to say that the smell coming from melted underwear is not really a smell I ever want to permeate my nostrils again!!! You think dirty underwear smell bad??? Try melting them at a very high temperature and then taking a whiff! Really....Really.....REALLLY ........REALLLY !!!!! I said this to myself at least 15 times!!!!! Wow, I just melted my underwear. Wow.....I just ruined My Ironing board cover.......WOW! I just ruined My expensive transfer sheet! WOW! I just ruined my IRON!!!!!!!!!! I cried , then I laughed, then I took pictures! And then when Buck got home, I showed his lovely valentine gift! I should have just went online!!!!! So ..........instead of buying Falcons underwear online for $19.99 + S & H, I just paid ......lets see.........
Underwear $3.00
Inkjet Transfer sheet $2.00
Ironing board cover $15.00
New Iron $30.00
New present for buck $10.00
priceless......... I don't think so! More like $50!

On a happier's a super cute hat I made for Addy and Mayce's friend Kamryn this weekend. It was my first time mixing 2 colors! It turned out adorable! It looked really cute on her too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

{ vintage valentine greetings }

Happy Valentines Day! Hope your day is filled with LOVE!

Monday, February 8, 2010

{ cheap easy and fun...........valentines! }

I've been working on valentine decorations for Audette's valentine party at school.....I had to come up with something cheap and easy! The Fabulous Girls at House of Three  and SPARK make these "lollies" for certain this is my version of a "lollie". These "lollies" are newspapers folded accordion style. The edges are glued together to form a circle. Each newspaper "lollie" is made from two full size newspaper sheets. I added giant red hearts in the middle, hand cut from 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. I made these super CUTE coffee filter flowers, watch tutorial from house of three here! I added smaller hearts in the middle of the coffee filter flowers, inked the edges of the flowers with pink and spray painted the edges of the newspaper with red spray paint!!!! I think they're adorable......and *BONUS* they can hang in my house until the party!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

{ The Corner and American Idol }

I've been working on my house decorating projects upstairs's my latest.....We have a hallway on the way to our bedroom with a small "nook". I've been wanting to spruce it up a little. Here’s what I came up with............................

I spray painted several mirrors I collected at garage sales this summer, added a chair, a tall side table and some magazines......and now we have a fun little reading spot. It's perfect for looking at a book while drinking coffee! I know this first hand!

I am slightly obsessed with American Idol. ok...very obsessed!!!! I have been from the beginning. I can usually pick the winner out of the top 20! (not to brag......:-) Anyway.......since I’m obsessed with it, so are my girls! ( Buck is too, but we'll leave his name out of this as not to embarrass him!) *wink* We all watch the show together every week. Last week Mayce walked up to Buck and I and handed us "golden tickets" and announced we were "going to Hollywood!" The girls play American idol A LOT! They take being the judges and the singer! It's quite comical. They make up their own songs, and come up with all sorts of ways to say "your going to Hollywood", or "your not going to Hollywood"! Today while Mayce and I were in the grocery store, she looked at my brown jacket and said "Mom, you look really good today, you look fancy" I said, "thanks honey"! Then she said, "Mom, you look like American Idol, you look good"! Everyone in the isle with us started Mayce, she is so funny!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

{ new scrap space }

I finally decided since it will be awhile before we finish the basement, I would go ahead and put all my scrapbook stuff in my designated area and just make it work. This is my scrap room! Here, it doesn’t look like much now......but scroll down..............
WELCOME TO......JAMI LAND! hahahhahaha that's what buck calls it!
First, I hung all my floral sheets on the walls to hide the 2x4's and eco block. Then I strung all the old hankies I had on twine and used them as a banner across the ceiling.

I have several pieces of furniture I’ve collected over the last year for my piece I love, love, love is this giant china hutch. I found it at goodwill this summer for $30. The other piece I love is this old desk I use as my sewing table. I found this at a flea market for $15.

I use a plastic table from Costco as my main scrap table now (until I can find something cool and cheap). I raised it all the way up so I can stand while I scrapbook. I prefer standing over sitting......I think it's the barista and florist in me! I have my cool shopping carts in the corner filled to the brim with material, and my bookshelf on the wall holds paper, mini albums and magazines. I also have another cute little $10 table by the entrance of my room that I keep open for the girls to scrap on……if they are home and I’m scrappin’ they want to be scrappin' too! I'm working on a big inspiration board to hang on the wall right now....I'll show you when I'm done.......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{february KOTM }

Here is the page samples for february's KOTM!!!

{you can click on any of the images to enlarge}

{The Scrapbook Hide-A-Way}
Each month, The Scrapbook Hide-Away creates monthly kits that are delivered to your front door! Our kits are loaded with the newest product from the best companies in the industry! Each kit has been carefully coordinated, so all of the work has been done for you! You can now spend your time creating layouts, cards and other projects using our kits. Kits include patterned paper, cardstock, embellishments, ribbons and much more! Warning.......our Kits may become highly addictive! (Buy it here)

Join us today! Each month you will be sent a new kit. Membership are available in a variety of plans to fit your needs.1 Month 32.99 per month 3 Months 30.99 per month 6 Months 28.99 per month Jami Rodolph is the designer of our monthly kit club. All of her samples are on display at the store for you to see and get inspired by. We have a color copy of all the samples in your kit, to give you lots of ideas.
{{{February's Kit of the Month Contents}}}
October Afternoon 1 12 x 12 Farmhouse
October Afternoon 1 12 x 12 Chicken Coop
October Afternoon 1 12 x 12 Haybarn
October Afternoon 1 12 x 12 Root Cellar
Cosmo Cricket 1 12 x 12 Saturday
Cosmo Cricket 1 12 x 12 Tuesday
Cosmo Cricket 1 12 x 12 Farmer Market
Chatterbox 1 12 x 12 Rosey Diamonds
Scenic Route 1 12 x 12 Madera Drive
Bazzill Cardstock 1 12 x 12 Java
Bazzill Cardstock 2 12 x 12 Lagoon
Bazzill Cardstock 2 12 x 12 Kisses
Bazzill Cardstock 2 12 x 12 Green Tea
Bazzill Cardstock 2 12 x 12 Piglet
Bella Blvd Sticker Alphabet
Jenni Bowlin 3 Journaling Blocks
Jenni Bowlin Bingo Card
10 Feet of Fiber 5 different colors
Fancy Pants 12 x 12 Chipboard designs
15 buttons