Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{ think your having a bad day? }

We were awakened last night at 11:30pm by a pounding on our front door. It was a guy we know in a round about way.......telling us his teenage daughter has slid off the road and ran into our fence. They were very, very sorry. Having had a wreck myself, I know how scary it is. She had angels watching for her for sure, when we could see outside this morning this is what we saw. ........

she walked away with out a scratch, she didn’t even roll the car can't tell from the picture, but this drop off is straight down about 20 feet! Our fence is in kind of bad shape, but fixable. They will be back over this weekend to fix the fence. We are very thankful no one got hurt. I hope she has a better day today!

Monday, January 25, 2010

{ more valentines projects }

here's a few more valentine projects i've been working on.

Friday, January 22, 2010

{ pippy's marriage proposals }

Little Miss Audette loves to fix her own hair now! This is her latest creation! I told her so looked like pippy longstocking....she said who? I had to pull up this picture to show her who pippy was!

Miss Audette is also getting very popular with the boys in kindergarten......she has now had two marriage proposals! The first came from a boy named Antonio. She came home at Christmas break and announced to us that she was no longer going to marry Parker (my best friends son) because Antonio asked her to marry him. I said "ohhh......well, what did you say?" She said "I said yes!" OK.......I was not aware this would start happening at 5! The second boy that wants to marry her is Riley. Riley announced to the class last week during reading group that he had broken up with Megan.......when Mrs. Miller (addy's teacher) asked who Megan was, he said " You know, Megan in the 4th grade". Mrs. Miller said ok then!  Riley then said .........So now I'm going to marry Audette. And Addy piped up and said "I'm not going to marry you, you still write your name with crayon!" That's my girl! Don't marry men who write their name with crayon!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{ Valentines Project }

I wanted to show a valentines project I've been working on.......but first......

I wanted to thank everyone for your nice comments about my friend Jill. I miss her soooo much already! I have awesome friends and family! I am blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life! Thank you!

Here's what I've been working on:
I LOVE Valentines day! I'm a hopeless I decorate the house for valentines almost as much as christmas!!! This is a sign I made for the door.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

{ My Sweet Friend Jill }

I'm just warning you.........This is a really long post.....I lost my friend Jill to cancer this week and I wanted to write her this letter. Please pray for her family.........

To My Dear, Sweet, Wonderful Friend Jill,

Today was a really hard day. Bittersweet. Sweet because I know your in heaven dancing with Jesus and loving every minute of it. You are free of pain and suffering. You are forever worshiping the lover of your soul.......I am so happy Jesus is holding you in his arms right now! The bitter part is……. your not here with me, your not here with your family. I cried for hours today at church, saying goodbye to you was really hard. I just want you back. It's purely selfish, I know. I already miss you sooo much. There’s an empty part of me today. You are one of my very best friends. You were an amazing friend. The most beautiful person I’ve ever known, inside and out. I admire your faith, your strength, your integrity and your amazing love for people and JESUS! You never gave up waiting for your miracle. You never gave up your faith. You just pressed in closer to Jesus. You radiated with his presence! Your family shared an entry from your Journal with us today, On 1-1-10 you wrote “My life I rest in you hands. Father, you alone give and take. I fight the good fight. I am a warrior knowing that the days are evil; I wear the whole armor of God. I stand! I love you Lord!” This speaks volumes about the women of God you were! You were in this cancer battle for two years and you could still say “You alone are God. I stand!”

Today our church was filled with 500 people who loved and cherished you. We all cried and laughed. One of my favorite parts of your service was when we all worshiped together. You would have wanted that. You would have wanted us to be praising God. He gives and takes away, blessed be His name! We praised the Lord today knowing that He is sovereign, and He still reigns!

My other favorite part was the slide show your sister put together, It was BEAUTIFUL! Your smile was contagious and full of life. You lived a very full life. It was rich with blessings and love!

My heart is broken for your family. You husband and your son are missing you terribly. You mom, dad, sisters and the rest of your family miss you beyond words. I know you trusted God to take care of them, and I know He will. When Will is old enough I’m going to tell him every funny story I know about you, all the reasons that I love you and the ways you blessed me with your friendship.

I am a blessed to have known you. You made me want to be a better friend, a better person and to fall in love with Jesus even more. I met you when I was 18. I was so lonely after high school, most of my friends had either went to college or weren’t serving God. I was in church, and even working at church but I needed a close friend. I asked God to send me a friend, and just weeks later you came to Clark Fork. You had just finished cosmetology school and you were involved in an awesome movement in Kalispell called the Jesus Place! I couldn’t wait to get to know you. We became fast friends. We encouraged each other, loved each other, just hung out know girl talks, late night were so funny…………we had more coffee at Break Espresso and more lunches at Red Bird than I can even count. I loved being with you, everyone did. You cut and colored my hair a hundred times, I loved sitting in that salon chair talking with you about everything!!! You were a mentor and an awesome example for hundreds of people. Our friendship continued for the next 12 years through YWAM, missions trips, boyfriends, weddings, husbands, Thailand and babies. My Jilly Dilly, each time I saw you these last few months I made sure to tell you that I loved you and that your were so special to me, I wanted to make sure you knew how your love and friendship had blessed me! You were and still are an INCREDIBLE example of FAITH! You were a warrior! I honestly believe the devil was afraid of you! You exercised you God given authority in every part of your life!!! I want to be more like you, more like Jesus! Yes, cancer killed your body, but not your spirit. I’m crying because I can't hold your hand anymore, but I rejoice that you I will see you again someday……..
 With all my Love,


Saturday, January 9, 2010

{ awful librairy books }

OK.......maybe I'm weird, but I think this blog is really funny! SO.......I would like to refer once again to the………


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{ January KOTM }

January Kit Of The Month is here!!!

It's available for purchase at The Scrapbook Hide A Way, in store or online! Buy It here!
This months kit is filled with New Teresa Collins, Heidi Swapp, Thickers, Fancy Pants Chipboard, buttons and ribbon!!! Here's a few samples of what I did with the kit.

(you can click on any of the images to make them larger)

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Monday, January 4, 2010


Here's a few photos from Christmas morning! The girls had a great Christmas. We love watching them opening their excited for the one their opening and at the same time already so excited for the next one! They got almost everything on their lists!!! Lucky girls!!!