Wednesday, September 30, 2009

{ green tomatoes anyone? }

ahhh.....yes......we have green tomatoes coming out our ears! It has started to frost already so I had to go out and pick the tomatoes! we now have 2 huge boxes filled with green tomatoes! I don't know if you know this trick, but if you layer green tomatoes in a box, single layer with newspaper they ripen slowly! so today I am stacking and layering tomatoes in boxes.

i also fried up some green tomatoes a couple days ago....I LOVED THEM! mayce did'nt!

and......... the pear butter is finished! It's really yummy! like apple butter, only I think it's even better! can't wait to try it on panckaes!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{ first game }

the girls and buck had soooo much fun last night at their first soccer game! the girls are great players and buck is a really great coach!!! he loves kids and kids love him! Addy scored 2 goals last night, she was very proud! and Mayce, well, she laid down a lot and gave her very best waves to her fans!!! I love em' both! Here are the pictures I took last night......they were both being very goofy in all of them!

Friday, September 25, 2009

{ Taking photos }

The girls really love to take pictures with my camera! They are always "sneaking" the camera and taking pictures of things like the floor, the walls, their dolls, their dishes, each other, marley.....this week they wanted to take pictures of themselves with buck and here's there handy work. They are VERY PROUD!

Monday, September 21, 2009

{ summer album class }

Here is some sample pages of the summer album class I'm offering at the scrapbook hide a way.
you can go here to see the complete description of the class and the times!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well right now my hands feel like sandpaper and my back and feet are screaming at me!!! My mom and I have been harvesting and putting up all the great stuff from her garden this weekend! Yes, from her garden because the awful, nasty grasshoppers ate mine, remember? Anyway...... my mom has a huge garden so this weekend we..............

canned (18 jars) and froze (5bags) of green beans,
canned 28 jars of pickles
peeled, sliced, and froze 6 gallons of peaches
chopped and froze 1 gallon of parsley
chopped and froze 1 gallon of basil ( I'll pull it out next week to make pesto!!!)
shredded and froze 9 bags of zucchini!!!

My mom got the apple butter made after I left and my project tomorrow is to make the pear butter, then we will share!!! I also need to finish the chokecherry jelly! But, that will have to wait a couple days until we all recover!!!

peaches (these were actually peaches gram and gramp brought over from Washington)



green beans



{ Soccer Girls }

We signed a and m up for soccer last month through the school. This was their first day of practice! Guess who their coach is..... their DAD!!! They are having a great time...........Buck is a great teacher and loves being with kids, so it worked out perfectly! I've always known he would be great at helping our kids with sports!!! He is a great dad!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{ the 21 day challenge }

I'm taking the challenge!!! You can go to to read more about this challenge but basically Rhonna challenged us to get rid of a bad habit in 21 days. The bad habit I'm working on is to stop being negative! This has been a really hard YEAR for us, honestly the hardest year since buck and I were married. NO, We are NOT struggling as a couple! But in life situations, family, finances and jobs. ........and just when we thought it was getting better.......It went downhill again. I won't go into can all pray for us to have wisdom about our future. so........I didn't tell you all this to bring you down.......but to say that my challenge to myself these 21 days is to be a POSITIVE person, in my thinking and outlook!!! Being negative doesn't help our situation!!! It only makes it more gloomy!!! So in these 21 days I WILL BECOME a more POSITIVE PERSON!!! I WILL Count my blessing instead of my defeats!!! If GOD if for us who can be AGAINST US?!!! Right! So we will look to him for our answers and I WILL look at the bright side of every situation!!!

{ a transformation }

I found this mirror at a yard sale this weekend....for .50 cents and I thought to myself this mirror needs a make-over, it would be cute painted........because lets face it this mirror is really awful!!! first I pulled off the ribbon, washed the whole mirror, taped up the actual mirror so I wouldn't painted the glass, got out my trusty can of black gloss spray paint.....and ta da.......I think it's fabulous now!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

{ september page class }

Here are the page samples of the class I will be offering this month at the Scrapbook hide-a-way. (sorry about the glare on the pictures, I took them while they were in plexi glass holder!)
I'm changing the classes up a little bit....we are going to start doing 2-double page layouts each class and then use up our scraps from our pages to make 2 cards. A good way to stretch your dollar! Call or e-mail the store to sign up, just click on the link I left you above! Class is September 24th!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{ We Survived and KOTM }

We Survived, yes..... we , well me, I survived! She had a great day! I'm pretty sure she didn't even miss us or know we were gone!!! She loved it!!! She played lots of games and her favorite part by far was recess!!! Here she is next to her cubie!

here's the picture I took of all her supplies the night before. I wanted remember what she took to school on the first day.

We bought a plain cheap backpack at walmart and then I added a few things to it with Addy's permission of course. I sewed ribbon around the edges and sewed a few buttons on the front, then hand stitched under the buttons.

I also scrapbooked her homework folder. I know, I know, your surprised that I would scrapbook something like this! ha ha ha! I scrapbook anything that moves..........or anything that doesn't move for that matter!

Here's a layout I did with the KOTM for September. It's of Mayce with her "bear bear" her most prized possession!!! Here's the link for the KOTM, available at the Scrapbook Hide-a-way!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


If you need me today I will be in my room crying all day! My sweet little girl went to her first day of school today!!! I can't believe she is 5 and in school! It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital last week......and now she's in school. She was a little nervous but mostly excited!!! She loves all her new school clothes and supplies!!! And she looked soooo cute!
I'm so happy for her........ but........ Mayce and I are going to be lonely today!

My girls !!! They would not make a normal face....this is the most normal of 4 photos!!!

sweet, sweet girl, I love you!!!