Saturday, August 29, 2009

{ Happy Birthday }

Happy Birthday to our Sweet MAYCE BELLE!!!! I can't even believe she's already 4!!!
Mayce, you make everyday fun and exciting!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

{ Horses }

Here's some cool photos I took of our horses last week. Our horses are basically apart of our family. They are Bucks "Boys". Since he has soooo many girls in the house all of our outside animals are Boys!!!!
from right to left: Ford, Twister and Blue.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

{ fashion sense }

It's very apparent from these photos of my children that they inherited their fathers fashion sense and not mine!
Here's how their Model Runway call would read:

Today Mayce is wearing a Lovely pink dress from Walmart complete with large floral pattern, A cozy New Black Sweater from Target, White bloomers from Kid Crossing for modesty and White hand-me-down Boot socks for warmth, Don't forget her last years Walmart $1 special shoes laced with her worn out ribbon, And last but not least the natural Hair look from The Rodolph Salon! You must get this look! It's all the rage for fall 09!!!!!

Today Addy is wearing A Beautiful Striped Pink and Yellow Dress from Kid Crossing (which you can't see because it's covered by her purple dress), A last year's Pink Zip up sweater from Target, A Sparkly Purple Disney Dress-up Dress, Complete with Little Suzie's stickers stuck all over it!!! Don't Forget the Brown Children's Place flip Flops which are a must have for this season and The Pink Dollar Store sun hat Completes her look!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


OK......this has to be one of the funniest websites I've seen in should look at it! Maybe I have a weird sense of humor but I was rolling on the floor at the content. The website is: here are a few that made me laugh!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{ wednesdays }

Renee and I scrapbook at my house on wednesdays and it's soooo fun to have girl scrap time........these are some layouts I did of the cruise we took a year ago!

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

{ Fair Time }

The fair is one of my favorite things to do in august! Since I grew up doing 4-H (pigs, lambs, cooking and sewing) I love to take the girls to the all barns to see the projects and animals! This always proves to be a problem for Buck.........the girls then ask their daddy for weeks if they can have pigs and sheep now........addy wants to be a "mommy pig farmer" and mayce wants to be a "mommy sheep farmer". I thank it's "mommy farmer" because that's what they want to do when they are mommies.......! anyway they have it all worked out.........they are going to grow and have their farms here at our house. It will be addy, mayce, their husbands, their kids, us and all their pigs and least that's what they have been telling friends and family lately!!!

Eating snow cones on a very hot day at the western Montana fair

Hanging out with friend maddie! sunglass gang....i foresee trouble!!!!

This was curly the clown's fun area......a bubble bike......sooooo fun!

We also had to try on some cowgirl hats!

Balloon animals from curly the clown, addy asked for a butterfly and mayce asked for a dragonfly

The bull a rama was also Tuesday night, both of my brother rode......I had to take a picture of the rodeo clowns he not the cutest clown you've ever seen???? You should have seen him dance!!!! so cute!!!

Here is Travis.....he bucked off

here is Dustin, he scored, and placed 6th.

Friday, August 14, 2009

{ family }

My family all came over for dinner the other night. My grandma Leslie is in town for a little while and she asked my mom to make Indian tacos! She (my mom) is "famous in these here parts" for her Indian tacos! She makes everything from scratch! Indian tacos in usually the request we all make for our birthday dinners.
Here are some of the photos i took of all us together for the famous tacos!!!

Here's my dad holding cooper, although he (my dad) looks like the Marlboro Man and acts like John Wayne......he has the biggest soft spot for little kids! he is sooooo great with my girls, and now he has a grandson, cooper to spoil too. My girls adore their papa! Don't let the patch and the mustache fool ya.....he's a softy!

My grandma Leslie, holding her great grandson Cooper.

Buck and I

My parents and Addy

Dustin and Travis, playing horse shoes with Amber and Buck

Amber and Buck

Grandma with Addy and Mayce

Baylee reading to the girls

Addy feeding Cooper

Monday, August 10, 2009

{ Huckleberry Picking }

We had a great time up miller creek on Sunday afternoon picking huckleberries with our friends the DeGroot's. We all picked until we were purple! It was beautiful in the mountains!

We picked for a couple of hours and probably have a gallon between the two of us (buck and I)
Of course we would have more if the girls and marley would have contributed to the bucket in stead of their mouths!!!!!

Buck, jami, addy, mayce, emersyn and marley!
mayce and ryan
The DeGroot's! Ryan, erin, emersyn and fletcher!

erin and addy
our pot o' gold!

I LOVE wild flowers!

We picked some thimble berries too! They taste like raspberries! YUM!