Thursday, July 23, 2009

{ scrap page and misc }

Renee and I have been scrapbooking on Wednesday nights for's really fun to be with my best friend and create!!!! Here's a page I did last night using her journaling spots.

Hanging out at the carousel after church in the park last Sunday!!!! The girls LOVE going to the carousel!!!!!! They rode 3 times and still wanted to go again!'s a picture of the kootnee (spelling?) creek fire, right across from our house, it's been burning about 2 weeks now ans has triples in size this last week! It's really smoky today, hopefully there can get it under control by this weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

{more fun junking fix-ups }

Here a a few more "junking" fix-ups from last few weeks of yard saleing!!!

Well, this is not a fix up, but it is a really cute bucket i found a few weeks ago at a yard sale for a buck!!!!! I finally got it cleaned up and in i need to figure out what I'm going to put in it!!!

another fun wire crate for $1.......

I cleaned it up and put it the entry way.....I think I'll use it to hold umbrellas!!!!!

This candle or plant holder was a cute shape but the 70's gold color as you can see.......was not after a few new coats of paint..................

It looks great in my bathroom! With my fun vintage mirrors and other candles!!! AMBIANCE!

{ sneek peek }

Here is a sneak peek at the 5 page class I'll be teaching at the SBH soon. The theme this month is travel and the cricut! Call the store if you want to sign up!!!

# 1 smile

#2 staycation

#3 road trip

#4 are we there yet

#5 wish you were here

Thursday, July 16, 2009

{ Junking }

I love to go yard sale-ing or "junking". It's on of my favorite things to do on the weekends. It's the best way I know how to to make our dollars stretch! Here are a few things I picked up last weekend that I've been working on all week!

This cute step stool for the girls, it was $3. I repainted it and roughed it up a bit to match my shabby decor and........

here it is in the kitchen. I think it turned out cute!

This is addy's room. I've been looking for a cute bedspread for her with purple in it. Which is a hard color, I think........I found these cute vintage sheets a a yard sale this weekend and an "almost new" down feather comforter. The sheets are pink, purple and green. I sewed the sheets together to make a duvet cover ( a big pillow case basically) and slipped the feather comforter inside! She loves it! The sheets and the comforter together were only $8. You can't beat that!

This is mayce's room, we are adding some bubble gum pink in with her blue. I picked up this cute "puffy terry cloth" bed spread for $2 , but it was yellow, so with a little help from pink rit dye from wal-mart we made it the color she wanted. Now, she also has a bedspread for $7!

I found these cups and saucers a while back at a yard sale, I wanted to make them into little severing dishes, so I inverted the cups to be the base and glued the plates on top! They turned out super cute. They could also be candle holders! The possibilities are endless!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

{ Happy birthday to our sweet girl }

Happy birthday to our sweet girl Audette Grace! She is 5 today! I can't even believe where 5 years went! She is so excited to be 5. She told us a few weeks ago, "Mom and Dad I am just to excited to be 5, just to excited."

{ Mr. Cooper is here }

My brother travis and his wife amber had their baby on Wednesday morning! He is adorable!!!!! The first boy baby in our family (grandbaby)..........the girls already want to babysit!!!! HE IS SO WONDERFUL! YES, I do have baby fever, I have for about a year now. I don't actually know if that feeling ever goes away. He is precious and beautiful! We love you cooper allen jenkins!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

{ rodeo Weekend }

Here's a few photos from our 4th of July rodeo weekend. When your married to a cowboy who rodeos, you spend Independence day weekend rodeoing! It's a little thing the cowboys like to call "Cowboy Christmas", it's the biggest rodeo weekend of the year! A can't miss for Buck! We had a good time in Three Forks! It was very hot though!!!!!
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{ Playing with friends }

A day at the park with friends! This is Renee, Parker, Maddie, Conner, Addy and Mayce.
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

{ projects }

Now that most of the house is settled, I've been working on the girl's rooms. Here are a few projects I've done, all very inexpensive, but sooooo cute!

I cut out vinyl "wings" and Mayce's initials for above her bed. I used the sbh's cricut to cut the vinyl, then I added the jewels to make it sparkly. Mayce really wanted a tinkerbell room, which I was against. Only because I wanted a theme I didn't have to change in a couple years. So we compromised on a general "fairy and dragon fly" theme. Here's are some pictures......

I bought a dragonfly punch from the sbh and punched out lots of dragonfly's all on different blue and pink papers, then added cute buttons, jewels and beads to the centers of all the dragonfly's and put them in a frame I had here at the house. It turned out really cute!

I cut out a vinyl crown and Addy's initials for above her bed. I used the sbh's cricut to cut the vinyl, then I added the jewels to make it sparkly. Addy really wanted princess Aurora room, which I was against. Again, only because I wanted a theme I didn't have to change in a couple years. So we compromised on a general "princess and butterfly " theme.
So here is her crown and initials.

I bought a butterfly punch also and did the same things with Addy's butterfly's that I had done with Mayce's drangonfly's. SOOOOO cute. The girls love their new decor. We still have a lot to do in their rooms, but this helped give us a jump start, inexpensively!!!!