Thursday, May 28, 2009

{ a really nice thing... }

My husband did a really nice thing today. He listens to the country radio every morning while he's getting ready for work. Today he left it on after he left the house. I could hear in the background this conversation on the radio with the announcers and a caller, and all I heard was something about "a guys wife working really hard and deserving something special" I walked over to the radio and turned it up........wanting to hear a guy say nice things about his wife...... and .. was MY HUSBAND ON THE RADIO talking about me! He called in to the radio station to enter me into this pampering contest they are having right now!!!! What a great guy! I LOVE HIM!!!! Thanks honey!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm not sure how it happens but every holiday we don't actually take a holiday , we work. Our weekend consisted of planting 30 raspberry bushes, digging holes for and planting 20 fence posts, putting up shelves in the bathroom, dragging the Field, staining deck boards and building pens for the horses. WOW! Were sore and tired!
Yesterday evening when we did decided to have some fun and bbq, our well pump went out. So now were roughing it. If you can call it that. (I'm on the Internet, but we have no running water, that just seems strange!) Anyway my dad is trying to fix the problem today, but for now we are hauling water to our house from the neighbors house in buckets.....never a dull moment.

This was our sunset 2 nights ago! So amazing. God makes perfect sunsets!

And this is a blond fox that lives just off our property, we see him almost everyday, he's really beautiful. Bucks is threatening to shoot him, I'm trying to protect him. I don't think animals should be killed unless were going to eat them. I'm not eating a fox.

Friday, May 22, 2009

{ The Summer Cowgirl }

Addy and Mayce have been living in their swimsuits the last three days. It's been in the high 70's! Which I think is perfect. Addy decided to ride her horse and wear her hat today even while wearing a swimsuit! She looked so adorable I couldn't resist taking some pictures!!!

It was so nice nice last night we decided to tie up the horses and clean them up a little, they were in need of a good brushing and the girls wanted to ride anyway. Mayce is on twister and addy is on blue.

We have our first house guest coming this weekend, Buck's Aunt Cheryl from Cheney! We are excited to see her . Hopefully she's going to help me make curtains for the girl's rooms while she here. Well I'm off....... going outside with the family. I think buck is setting up the fire pit so we can roast marshmallows and eat some Delicious smores!!! Have a happy and safe weekend!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

{ our views inside and out }

This last 9 months has been crazy and fun, exhausting and exciting and tiring and crazy, yes I said it twice.......but when we woke up at our beautiful house this weekend, and looked outside at the views, we remembered why we decided to buy, build and live's so beautiful looking out the back door and the front door! It was worth it, everything was worth it!!!!!

a view from the side of the house......

a view from the back door..........

a view from the front door.........

OK......inside is another story. When I look inside I feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting everything away!!!!! Where is my magic wand when I need it!!!!!!! Brooms I have .....wands no! ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Everywhere I look there is another pile to put away......and I've already put away a lot! It will happen in time. I have to remind myself everyday, just one room at a time, one box at a time, one day at a time! It's going to be great when were settled again!

Friday, May 15, 2009

{ may kit of the month at the SBH }

Here is the kit of the month samples

Sunday, May 10, 2009

{ Moving in.... }

I am finally writing this from home. We have Internet again!!!! and our house is almost done!!!

Moving in has begun. We started the process yesterday. We had some friends come over to help. We were able to unload the storage shed. It was like Christmas, for all of us, but especially the girls. They were so happy to unload their toys into their rooms. We haven't seen most of our stuff for almost 9 months now!!!

Buck is finishing our bathtub today while I'm unpacking the kitchen. Nothing is in order yet, but I wanted to show a few pictures of the house!
I think we are spending the night here tonight, if we can get beds put together!!! WE do have a few things to do still. Bathroom mirrors and toilets, tile the master tub, pantry door, closet close!

Our room


Mayce's room

Living room


Dining room

Addy's Room