Wednesday, October 22, 2008

{ More Pumpkins }

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{ Pumpkin Patch }

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

{ Alien Abduction.......}

No.....I was not abducted by aliens!!! I'm just living in camper on the corner of redneck valley and hoe-down town! Just kidding! HOW'S Life in the camper or cramper......?????..... Well, it's not that bad really......since we are parked at my parents house and we can go in and occasionally use a normal shower and toilet! We are all going to get fat, that's for sure. I get a little stir crazy and cook all the time!!! I've been crazy busy since we moved in to the camper, I thought it would slow down a little ....but noooooo!!!!!
I will say I am soooooooo excited to teach class this weekend when Stacy and Lisa are here!!!!!!!! And I've been busy working on table toppers for the first way banquet, 2 weeks worth of craft show goodies and Bucks birthday pinata! YES a pinata. The girls insisted that their dad needed a pinata for his birthday!!!! Well I'm off to finish Bucks Birthday Peach Cobbler! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HONEY!!!!! I have some adorable pictures of the girls at the pumpkins patch that I will try to get on here this week! TTYS!

Friday, October 3, 2008

{Not Crazy Yet..........}

Ok.....I'm not crazy with moving yet...but it could still come. We're actually doing really well. Buck and I have been working very hard to have everything done so our friends can help us move easily on Saturday. I think Saturday night will be out first night in the camper. I scrubbed it down today and filled it with our it can be a little homey ......since we have to live there for a month or so. We're gettin' there.
Gina asked me yesterday if I would design and teach one of the classes when Lisa Bearnson and Stacy Jullian come to the store this month! And I said YES YES YES!!! I'm so excited! I'll work on that next week after the move is done!!! I probably won't post again till next week now....since I will pack the computer tomorrow. But...I will be back next week sometime!!! Wish us luck and have a fabulous weekend!!!