Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I see everything a little clearer when I look at you

This is the album I'm taking to enter in the fair today. I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE ACRYLIC albums!

Here are a few pages.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Album for Tilly Jean

This is an album I finished this morning to send to my cousin Vanessa in Idaho. She just had her 2nd baby, tilly jean. I thought she needed a girly girl album to celebrate!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Salted Caramel

Renee and I just had a discussion about salted Carmel's this last weekend at scrapcamp and I've been thinking about it ever since....so ...I jump on the www today and found a few recipes that I'm going to request I be buried in when I die!!!!! OMG! You should look at this one, I'm going to make these tomorrow and gain 20 pounds! Salted Carmel Frosting on Chocolate cupcakes!


I had soooo much fun at scrapcamp this weekend!!! I loved every minute, and had a new personal record 28 pages finished and 2 mini album projects started!!! I will post a few of the layouts!
While I was away at camp my awesome husband, my dad, my brother, Amber and Ryan all pounded posts on our new property and finished it!!! 10 acres of fence posts in one weekend! I think it was around 200 posts!
My mom had the girls, so they also had a great weekend!!! The girls are re-adjusting to mom's rules and boringness today since they have been on nana's rules and funness for 3 days!!!
I work at SBH this friday night for the crop if anyone wants to come!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is an organizer I covered and sewed on for our cash budget envelopes.
Tucson Zoo layout, from when we were in az in February.

The details of the zoo layout.

Our family Photos from June with Jamie Lynn.

Monday, July 14, 2008


This is Buck's grandma and grandpa, I took these pictures of them this summer, and Loved them...so I wanted to make this canvas for them to hang in their house.

Addy's Party!

Here are some pictures from addy's party! She had soooo much fun!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My Page Title is "WALK WITH ME"!

I Still Need Votes!!!

Thanks everyone for voting for me!!! I still need more!!! I am 3rd place, but only first place gets a prize! REMEMBER...You can VOTE once a DAY per E-MAIL ADDRESS! THANK YOU!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Up down all around

Here is a book I made for national scrapbook day. I had it on display at the SBH for awhile and everyone loved it. So...I think this will be one of my August classes. I'll make the one for the store a little more neutral though...so it can be for a girl or boy!
There are still 2 openings for the "Enjoy The View" class if you want to sign up!!! It's July 17th Call the SBH @ 543-6222.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Remember you can once a day per e-mail address!!! thank you!


I've been busy this week getting ready for Addy's birthday party on Friday. She is SO excited! She has been counting down the days! She's been telling me for weeks what kind of party she wants...she's went from, pink, to blue, to yellow, to strawberries to rainbows, to polka dots, to butterfly's! So...I finally talked her into butterfly's with all the colors she wants plus polka dots!!! There I think we covered most of her wants and she's happy!!!


I just got an e-mail from scrapbooks etc. and I am in the top 10 finalists for week #4 Challenge!!! YYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!!! I need everyone to vote for me agian....please!!! You can vote once a day per e-mail address!!! I really want to compete for $2500 at the end of the summer!!! I will post the link to vote for me here when I get one. They don't have the layouts up for voting until after 4pm today!!! thanks for voting for me!!!

Ultimate challenge

Ok...I don't think I won the ultimate challenge #3... I am in 3rd place! I'm still excited ...3rd place out of 79 entries! I entered the contest again this week. It's ultimate challenge #4 , I will find out today if I'm a finalist again. Here's my layout. The challenge is a page with 8 or more photos.

Monday, July 7, 2008

link to vote for me!

here is the link to vote for me in the ultimate scrapbook challenge!!!
thank you!!!


Dierks Bentley!

We had sooooo much fun at the concert on friday! I LOVE DIERKS BENTLEY!!! He performed 18 songs! He told us that he and his wife has hiked the " M " earlier that day! I was kicking myself! The one day I should of hiked the " M"!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th everyone!!! We went on our annual Independence day parade walk around Lolo! We had a good time! Then it's bbq later and deirks bently tonight!!!! What a Great Day!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


that's scrapbooksetc.com/challenge sorry.....I left out the "s" before


That's the excitement yell if your not sure!!!!! I am soooooooo excited! I entered the ultimate summer scrapbook challenge, week 3 and I am one of the top 10 finalists!!!aaaaahhhhh!!! I need everyone to vote for me!!! Go to scrapbooketc.com/challenge and click on vote for week 3 finalists. Then scroll through the layouts to mine and vote!!! My layout is titled "umbrellas, smiles, swimsuits and boots" (my name isn't on it). Thanks for voting for me!!! If I win I get to compete for $2500 at the end of the summer! That would be amazing!!! P.S. you can vote once a day until next Tuesday!